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Where Does The Name Linton Comes From

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote, “what’s in a name?” Apart from basic identification purposes, names provide a wealth of information about who we are and where we’re from. A key to the past, names can reveal what our ancestors did for work, where they lived, where they came from, or what birth order they held in the family line. 

The Linton Estate Family history began when Rebecca Tasker married Alexander Maidment Linton in 1890. They had five children; Winifred born in 1893, Dorothy in 1895, Bonnie 1897, Lionel 1900 and Reginald in 1903. 

Reginald married Lizzie Hamilton and they had five children; Joan, Sylvia, Lorraine, Dorothy and Valerie. Joan married Max Dickson in 1953. They had two children; Lorraine and Peter. 

Alexander Linton met and married Rebecca Tasker in India where he was with the British Armed Forces. Winifred was born in India. Rebecca and Winifred returned by sea to England when Winifred was one year old, Alexander went overland to England. Dorothy, Connie, Lionel and Reginald were born in England.

Alexander died and Rebecca Linton decided to travel to Australia in 1922. Winifred was already in Australia, she had travelled as a companion to General Jess’s two
young boys – she had written to her mother to say Melbourne was a nice place. The family travelled over on the “HMS Benalla” in 1922.

They settled in Glenhope on a small farming block west of Kyneton.

Reginald Linton married Lizzie Hamilton and they remained there with their three daughters, Joan, Sylvia and Lorraine. They moved to Malmsbury in 1935 so the children would be closer to schooling. Dorothy and Valerie were born in Malmsbury.

Reginald Linton was a farmer (cattle & sheep) and took an interest in his children’s schooling and church. The girls were educated at Malmsbury State School and Kyneton High School.

Joan joined the CBA Melbourne (Commonwealth Banking Association) Melbourne.

Sylvia trained to be a primary school teacher in Bendigo.

Lorraine trained to be a Nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Dorothy trained to be a primary school teacher in Bendigo.

Valerie joined CBA Bank then left and became accountant.

Joan and Max Dickson met and married in 1953.

Lorraine was born 1956.

Peter was born 1959.

Peter Dickson is the majority share holder and Managing Director of Linton Estate.