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Vision of Linton Estate


Important Point Off Difference


Linton Estate focuses on community. When or before Peter Dickson, the Founder and Managing Director, passes away, Linton Estate will be put into a Foundation/Trust to help the Ballan Hospital and the GLBTI Community and the Moorabool Shire Community in general. It will help organisations that help elders of the GLBTI community, research, projects, events for elders and the residents of Linton Estate too. "Its all about giving back and caring"


Why is Linton Estate Different To What Is Presently Available

- It's Gay Owned

- Straight Friendly

- It's not a large corporation. Its just a small company that cares and wants to make a difference to peoples lives

- Doesn't have to be you principle place of residence

- You can rent your home out for short or long term when you're not living in the property

- You can share and charge board

- You can work - full time, part time, consulting. What ever you want to do. (You could even apply for position that come available at Linton)

- You can will your home to your next of kin

- 99 year lease

- No age limit. So your younger partner can be on the lease and can stay there if the partner over 55 passes or moved into a Age care facility

- Homes are designed to age in place

- Doesn't come under the retirement village act which allows more flexibility

- There are a cut of periods in contract for various situation's eg - moving into Age Care Facility, moving out, passing away. This is to allow people comfort knowing that it wont keep ongoing for years

- If there is a major issue with a tenant that is a owner, renting or staying at someone's property and it keeps happening after a procedure has been followed, Linton Estate Pty Ltd is able to give the owner notice and buy back the property.

- You don't have time limits for your visitors being able to stay

- No sales commission charged when Linton Estate on sell's your home

- When we on sell a home a new 99 year lease is signed with the purchaser.

- In the future if the zoning changes and all parties agree, freeholder of lots can be given to owners of homes. The legal cost would be at the house owners expense.

- On the death of the founder Peter Dickson. Linton Estate will be put into a foundation to protect the present residences and future residences. So Linton's philosophy and vision will continue on. The foundation will help the GLBTI elders and community. Plus it will help the Ballan Hospital, GLBTI community organizations. and research for the GLBTI Community. Its all about looking after our family.

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